Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your Here For That

Anyone who is a nurse will understand this.....we have all had the patients who come to the ER via EMS for things like a stumped toe or who come through the door because an ant bit them. These people drive my CRAZY!!!!

First EMS is for EMERGENCIES not for a stumped toe. Now I understand that your stump toe is an emergency to you but in the big scheme of things it isn't so get over it. Second: If the beds are tied up with your stumped toe then where are we going to put the real emergency such as a Heart Attack. So when you stump your toe take some ibuprofen and apply ice.....it will not fall off so calm down, breath, it will be ok.

Now for the ant bite......unless you are allergic you will survive......apply ice and take benadryl. This is not an emergency if you are breathing. We as nurses and doctors are busy with real emergencies....yes I understand that when it is you it is an emergency....it is all about your perspective. But believe me if you are breathing, talking, crying, or even screaming chances are you are and will be okay. Just relax.

Admit it my follow nurses we have had these patients and will continue to have. So for us recognize it, go with it, and try and convince the patient they will be okay and they will survive. Then go to the break room yourself and take a breath, smile and even chuckle then go back and treat that patient like they are the only one you have for the day.

We have all been there and will continue to have these patients.....after all they help make the day interesting.