Sunday, September 19, 2010


Picture it.......ten at up in the drive after working out of town all weekend. What do I see.....but the chiweenie outside and my front door open. Now seeing that I ask my grandson Billy Dean if he put Gidget up and shut the door when he left for the game on Friday. He assured me that he did.

So since I am Super Woman and fear nothing (except thunderstorms)tell him to wait in the car and give him my phone just in case the monsters come out of the closet. I walk up to the porch and go inside the door. I carefully look in every room and every closet......expecting someone or something to jump out. But I was weapons but I can scream, kick, and hit like crazy. No monsters.....all is clear.

Shilo, Carleil, and Gidget had a party in the house but no monsters.

Wasn't that the smartest thing I had ever done. But I was going to show them a thing or to even if they were invisible.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time when we thank our Mom's for caring for us. We as Mom's remember our first Mother's Day and can't wait for our daughter to have her first. Well today was my daughter's first Mother's Day. We have waited for this day for a long time. This time last year we thought would have been her first but God had a different time table and I know it is shocking but His timing is always the best. This year Brandi got to have her first with two beautiful boy, Matthew and a baby girl, Autumn.

I remember my first Mother's Day when Brandi was just a few weeks old, we spent the day going to church with my Mom and then had lunch and took pictures. Well guess what we did that this time also. We had four generations there, me, Brandi, my Mom, Matthew, and Autumn. We went to church together and then had lunch at Brandi's. Matthew was tuckered out and just could not stay awake for pictures but I am sure there will be more oppurtunities. Autumn on the other hand is a Diva and had to see what was going on because has a Diva just could not miss anything.

My son in law Brandon's Mom was also there. So we were all together and I know the kids loved all the attention. Brandi was all smile which it should be. It was the best seeing her so happy and enjoying a day that she had looked forward to for so long. She is a awesome Mom and the role fits her perfectly.

I thank God for giving me a God fearing Mom who taught me about His Grace, how to love, how to be strong. She has been there for me through the good times and the bad. She taught me how to be a Mom. So thank you Mom for everything. I hope that I have been that kind of Mom for my children. Being a Mom is a gift and the best one there is.

So today of all days lets remember our Moms whether we still have them or not. The sacrifices that are made and the love that is shared. Mom and Brandi I love you and so glad you are in my life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your Here For That

Anyone who is a nurse will understand this.....we have all had the patients who come to the ER via EMS for things like a stumped toe or who come through the door because an ant bit them. These people drive my CRAZY!!!!

First EMS is for EMERGENCIES not for a stumped toe. Now I understand that your stump toe is an emergency to you but in the big scheme of things it isn't so get over it. Second: If the beds are tied up with your stumped toe then where are we going to put the real emergency such as a Heart Attack. So when you stump your toe take some ibuprofen and apply will not fall off so calm down, breath, it will be ok.

Now for the ant bite......unless you are allergic you will survive......apply ice and take benadryl. This is not an emergency if you are breathing. We as nurses and doctors are busy with real emergencies....yes I understand that when it is you it is an is all about your perspective. But believe me if you are breathing, talking, crying, or even screaming chances are you are and will be okay. Just relax.

Admit it my follow nurses we have had these patients and will continue to have. So for us recognize it, go with it, and try and convince the patient they will be okay and they will survive. Then go to the break room yourself and take a breath, smile and even chuckle then go back and treat that patient like they are the only one you have for the day.

We have all been there and will continue to have these patients.....after all they help make the day interesting.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


So this last week has been filled with both joy and heart ache.....first Mr. J and Miss A were removed and gone to a family in Brownwood, still under CPS. That was very sad when they left. It is like part of your family is gone and you will probbally never know what happens. They had become part of our family and even though Mr. J had his moments they blessed us all and they will be missed. They will live in our hearts for ever and always be apart of the family.

They joy that came this week is that all paper work is in and the transition paperwork is beginning to bring my new granddaughter home. That,s right Brandi and Brandon are adopting again!!!!!! She is a beautiful little girl and like Matthew special needs. She was born premature and has club feet with little sensation in her legs.......But she is a joy. Her name will be Lillian Autumn Grace Fought. Such a big name for such a little girl......

I am very proud of my kids......they do no have a fear for special needs but a geniune love for them. They have taught me not to be afraid they are just like everyone else with different ways of mobility, communicating, and showing you love. It has been a joy to have Matthew in my life and all our lives....his is an amazing little boy who has just surpassed all the original doctors expectations. I know he will be mobile someday. We connected to him from the minute we saw him. We connected with Autumn Grace at that moment also.

They have taught me not to look at what they cant do but at what the can and to push a little further. God has blessed me with five grand kids and now just four (with out Mr. J and Miss A) and I have enjoyed each and every one.

I am the luckiest tell them you love them, cherish and respect them for who they are and most of all thank God for them......each and every one is a blessing from Him.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Beginnings

On March 19, 2009 at 9:30 in the morning.....Matthew became Joshua Matthew Lee Fought. This day was long time coming. Through all the heartbreaks of adoptions missed and watching kids leave my daughters home to go live somewhere else after thinking they would stay. We finally have a baby boy again. He is very special and the most amazing little guy. This day also has another exciting thing....not that the finalization wasn't exciting enough we got to meet the newest member of the family.

I now have a granddaughter and my daughter and son-in-law has thier daughter or has Brandon calls her "his princess". She is just that.....beautiful, tiny, and just amazing. She was born at 30 weeks and she is a fighter. She is going to come home soon and the excitement is unbelievable. Just imagine getting everything you wanted in one day. That is how it is with me, Brandi and adoption was final and one is just beginning........Both of these babies were long awaited for and loved even before they were born or even known about.

God knew these babies would be placed with us and we just had to be patient.......that is hard to do. So stay tuned for more amazing adventures of my babies.