Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Relationships

What makes a family? Is it blood or is it a deeper connection? We had court today reguarding the little ones my daughter has. They will be staying with us for awhile longer. The parents didn't even show up. These little ones have become a part of our family even though there is no blood ties there. They don't look like us but none the less they are part of our family and it does not matter how they became apart. A family is just a group of people who love, care and respect each other. God chooses the people who are in a family and He choose us to be apart of these preciouse little ones lives and they have brought a countless amount of blessing to all of us. There has been ups and downs trials and triumphs but that is the it goes with any family. We don't know how long they will be with us but we will cherish every moment we have. God knows where they will end up and what kind of life they will have. We can only pray that we are part of that plan.

Getting and Feeling Old

Well I had my appointment with the orthropedist and just as we thought I tore my cartilage in my knee. I will have a scope done on it on the 16th of September and will be able to go back to work on that Monday. Thank goodness I wont be out long. Doing the scope now is my choice since supposedly it will not get worse just more "painful". I have five days in a row off and thought what the heck lets do it then if I can get back to work the next week. Even though it will be sore and I may have a limp it will not be any worse than it is now.

Now you may wonder how I did this. Was it an old sport injury? An automobile accident? Did I fall off of a building? No to all of these. I was just doing some yard work at my house in May. I must have just squatted and turned wrong one too many times. That is how you know when you are getting old. The things you used to do without difficulty now can cause tears in cartilage.

Getting old is not for sissies that is for sure. I refuse to be one so I will keep pushing until I can't anymore.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have had my oldest grandson now for two weeks while they are in the process of moving back. He is almost 13 and is ever bit a "teenager". I laughs at things that you say without meaning anything, eats everything in site, and listens to his music fairly loud. Boy do I miss those days at times. It has been great having him hear. He has helped me with yard work and putting things together. He will be in the 7th grade this year and playing football for my alma mater and I can't wait to see him on the field. His younger brother is 10 and likes to read more and be inside so he and I clash at times. I need to work on that one quite a bit. That relationship is harder than the one I have with the older one. I just get frustrated with him easier. Maybe as he grows we can come to a common ground. Then the two smaller ones my daughter has. I am very excited to have at least one granddaughter. I can't wait for things like Halloween, football and Christmas with them if they are still with us. I know it is possible for them to be back with their birth parents but really don't like to think about it. So for now I will enjoy, and cherish the times I get to spend with each and everyone of my wonderful grandchildren...

Monday, August 10, 2009


How can people treat others especially kids horribly. I was thinking about the kids that I have heard about being removed for abusive situations and drug situations, and then they are placed back in the same situation because someone higher believes that is in their best interest. How can that be in their best interest to go back to a home that is infested with drugs and abuse? No wonder some of these kids never have a chance. When I think about these issues I am very thankful that my kids did not grow up in that kind of enviorment. They may not have had the Cleaver household to grow up in but they were cared for and loved and most of the time they had everything they wanted. I can't always say that about my grandkids. I know that their are issues that worries me about how they are being brought up. They are not abused in the physical way but none the less there are issues. I pray that God watches over them and guides them through their childhood and protects them. The little ones that I talked about in the previous blog was in an abusive household and the effects even as young as they are is heartbreaking. Makes you wonder how people have children if they are going to mistreat them. When children come into our lives they are a gift and should be treated as such. They are to be loved not abused. I will never understand how people could harm there child. Thankful that my daughter is fostering children to give them the love and security that they may not have had. Brandi you are someone to look up too. You are a very special young woman who has a heart has bigger than anyone I know. You love so many children who have come in and out of your home and now have two for a unknown amount of time. You are a great mom and deserve to be one more than I can say. Always keep your eyes on God and you will make through even through the tough times.


Where do I begin. Well lets see, on the 13th of June my daughter and son-in-law, Brandi and Brandon, got thier second placement. A brother and sister age 10mths and 2 years. We weren't told much about the situation that they were removed from but from watching over the last two months I have a good idea on what they went through. There as been many changes, both good and trying, and sometimes a little unnerving. The two year old has anger issues that we are dealing with. We have assumed that there was abuse in the home before they were removed. We do know the father was abusive but were not old if toward the mom or both her and the kids. Then there are the times he is very loving and just a normal two year old. He needs lots of love and attention and we all are trying to give that to him without alienating the baby. In time he will just be a two year old. He loves playing with the balls of any kind, as well as cars and trucks. The baby turned one the first of the month and that was a lot of fun having a birthday party. She had so much fun digging into her cake and playing with the tissue paper out of the gifts. Both kids had so much fun. Later she took her first step. Now mind you it was just one step but it was a step. So much excitement watching her do things for the first time. I remember when Brandi told me she said momma for the first time and the excitement that she felt. Then there is the not knowing how long we will have them to love them and give them some stability. As my daughter says "Love them like the are staying forever, but expect them to leave tomorrow." I don't do that very well but maybe in probably want ever get used to that. So alot of changes have occured and we just take each day, one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. With Gods help we will make a difference in these two little ones lives. Mr. J will become just a toddler and not a child who needs to have control and fight to protect his things, whether that is toys, home, food, or his mommy and daddy (even if for a short time) and just know he is loved and he is secure.