Sunday, September 19, 2010


Picture it.......ten at up in the drive after working out of town all weekend. What do I see.....but the chiweenie outside and my front door open. Now seeing that I ask my grandson Billy Dean if he put Gidget up and shut the door when he left for the game on Friday. He assured me that he did.

So since I am Super Woman and fear nothing (except thunderstorms)tell him to wait in the car and give him my phone just in case the monsters come out of the closet. I walk up to the porch and go inside the door. I carefully look in every room and every closet......expecting someone or something to jump out. But I was weapons but I can scream, kick, and hit like crazy. No monsters.....all is clear.

Shilo, Carleil, and Gidget had a party in the house but no monsters.

Wasn't that the smartest thing I had ever done. But I was going to show them a thing or to even if they were invisible.