Monday, November 2, 2009

First Halloween

It was Matthew's first Halloween this year and his costume was made by his NanaNana. He was a M&M and was soooo cute. I had to work and Brandi sent me a video of the kids in thier costumes. Mr. J and Miss A told me Happy Halloween and it was sooo good to see and hear them. I wish I could have gone with them.

This time of the year is going to be a lot of first for Matthew.....first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. It is such an exciting time watching the excitement on his Mommy and Daddy's face during this time. These first will be different for Matthew than for other infants. Matthew is visuallly impaired and legally blind. His experience is based on sound, light, and touch. Although we have to learn how to experience these things differently none the less it will be exciting.

Watching his Mommy and Daddy prepare for the first Christmas reminds me how excited I was with Brandi's first Christmas. Shopping and picking out the perfect gift for the first is soooo exciting.

I have already started shopping for this special and perfect gift that we have been so blessed at having. I know I will spend to much and I will love ever minute of it. So stay tuned for blogs on the first for this little guy.

Matthew Nana loves you very much and you are so special to me........Your are a very lucky little boy and I know have lots to teach me.

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  1. Yes, it is so exciting to see the little ones experience all of this.. They grow up way too fast...

    I have a poem that I send out every Christmas. It is 'Teach The Children". Basically it is Santa teaching the true meaning of Christmas. I will make sure you have it for Matthew.

    May all of your family be trully blessed....