Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nana's Night of Fun

For anyone who doesn't know me I have five grandchildren ranging in ages 13,10,2,1,and 7mths. I think my grand kids are the best ever. On Wednesday, November 11,2009 mark it down, I had all five of them. Now the youngest three were planned, the older ones came over of something else and decided to stay. We had a blast. We were outside walking around, the two year old was chasing Carlisle and then Carlisle would chase him, the one year old was climbing on everything that was able to move, Christian was trying to keep up with the one year old, Billy Dean was shooting his BB gun and I had Matthew. Now this was Matthew's first time to spend the night away from his Mommy and Daddy. Let me tell you that was fun. We looked at the flowers, said hello to Shilo, ate supper took a bath in the sink and cuddled and sang until bed. I loved it. Now this was all being done in between Brandi calling to check on him. I thought it was very sweet and funny to hear the phone ring and know who was on the other end.

As with all first time Mom's she was wanting to be sure that he was OK and that I was OK with all of them. I assured her that this was not my first rodeo and she quickly told me that I had never kept Matthew before and this different. I couldn't help but laugh, and wonder did I do that the first time my mom kept Brandi? I wasn't sure if he would stay all night. I knew he would be fine but was wondering about his Mommy and Daddy. They made it and all survived.

So we had a great time, my daughter and son-in-law had a night to themselves. Even though the two of them had a hard time going to sleep because it was to quite it was a much needed break and deserved rest for the both of them. Brandi you are the best. Call any time Matthew is with doesn't bother me a fact I find it very sweet. First time parents are the best....always learning and gazing at every little thing.....keep it up.

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