Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This year is going to be a very special Christmas. You may asked why this year, all Christmas's are special....true. But you see this Christmas I have a new grandson, his name is Joshua Matthew Lee Fought, Matthew is what we call him. You see Matthew was prayed for, waited for, for a very long time. Not always patiently waiting but waiting....questioning if he or any child would ever be part of our lives. Then on September 17, my daughter, and son in law and myself went to pick him up in Ft Worth. That was a very special moment. You can not describe how it felt when we saw him for the first time. Now here we are celebrating the first Christmas with Matthew.

Now anyone who has followed this blog or followed me on facebook knows that Matthew is very special and little things mean more when he does them. That makes this Christmas even more special. During this time of the year people tend to look at the good in people, the oppourtunties that can be helped with and watching for "mircles" . Our little miracle was born on April 10 of this year and through the hands of God found us on the 17th of September. He had a journey to get to us but found his way. Thank you to the birthmom who gave him up and to the first adoptive parents for realizing that this was not ment for them. If yall had not made that descion we would not have our little angel.

Christmas is for family and this year our family is more complete. Not to say that sometimes things get crazy but a fun crazy. So lets remeber what Christmas means, the birth of our saviour and without that we would not have His grace and love to share with others. So remeber the meaning of Christmas and enjoy sharing time with your family this year, love them, and cherish the moment you spend with them. I know we will, we have our miracle and he is perfect just has God made him.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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