Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family part 2

This has been a crazy week. First Brandi and Brandon got thier first foster placement last Sunday. A beautiful 10mth little boy. We were all sooo happy about this little guy. Then my sister and neices came in on Tuesday and we were all together so they could meet Freddy. Took pictures, played and just enjoyed another little baby in the house. Then the bomb dropped. After they took Freddy home to go to bed they recieved a call from the caseworker saying the judge ordered him to be returned to the father. That was just unbelievable. The child was removed due to drugs and the judge thinks he would be better off. I was very upset and mad, I thought this maybe the one. Brandi on the other hand said "Mom it all apart of the system and we knew this going in" well that didn't make me feel better. So I pouted and went on about my business (after a fit was thrown and opinions expressed). Oh did I mention this was the day before my birthday. Thought I was getting a new grandson but someone else had other plans. So they went on the camping trip as planned with their friends and I spent time with neices. I just hope this was the right thing for this little guy, hoping he had tubes in that was scheduled. I worry about this because I like to be in control. I think things would go much better if people would do things my way the first time. Thank goodness God is the One in control.. I know He knows what is best and the situation that is best. I just wish sometimes He would let me in on it just a little. So I will continue to pray, and pray, and pray for the little one that will come into our lives and stay.


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  2. I want to thank you for what you said this afternoon. I really helped to hear it. As for you blog. The system is flawed and that is a very sad thing but you are a wonderful Nana to those kids and I know they won't forget you.