Monday, August 10, 2009


Where do I begin. Well lets see, on the 13th of June my daughter and son-in-law, Brandi and Brandon, got thier second placement. A brother and sister age 10mths and 2 years. We weren't told much about the situation that they were removed from but from watching over the last two months I have a good idea on what they went through. There as been many changes, both good and trying, and sometimes a little unnerving. The two year old has anger issues that we are dealing with. We have assumed that there was abuse in the home before they were removed. We do know the father was abusive but were not old if toward the mom or both her and the kids. Then there are the times he is very loving and just a normal two year old. He needs lots of love and attention and we all are trying to give that to him without alienating the baby. In time he will just be a two year old. He loves playing with the balls of any kind, as well as cars and trucks. The baby turned one the first of the month and that was a lot of fun having a birthday party. She had so much fun digging into her cake and playing with the tissue paper out of the gifts. Both kids had so much fun. Later she took her first step. Now mind you it was just one step but it was a step. So much excitement watching her do things for the first time. I remember when Brandi told me she said momma for the first time and the excitement that she felt. Then there is the not knowing how long we will have them to love them and give them some stability. As my daughter says "Love them like the are staying forever, but expect them to leave tomorrow." I don't do that very well but maybe in probably want ever get used to that. So alot of changes have occured and we just take each day, one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. With Gods help we will make a difference in these two little ones lives. Mr. J will become just a toddler and not a child who needs to have control and fight to protect his things, whether that is toys, home, food, or his mommy and daddy (even if for a short time) and just know he is loved and he is secure.

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