Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today the baby boy that was supposed to be in our family went to the family who origanally had be chosen a month before Brandi and Brandon had found out about him. Even though it was hard to see him going to this family, I was glad to that he finally had a home and a place to grow and be nutured. Even though my heart aches for my daughter the important thing was for him to have a home. The people is with I know love him as much as we loved him and will take very good care of him. Then I think about Brandi and Brandon and the loss of this child. Not she did not carry him for nine months but she loved him and had all the first time mommy questions and excitement that you would expect. When the news finally came that he would not be coming to live with us they grieved just as if you had lost a baby that you carried and gave birth to. One day this will all make sense but until then I hope and pray that we can and will grow from this and wish the new family all the best. I hope to watch my daughter hold her baby soon. I know that God is in controll and has a plan for her life.

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