Saturday, September 12, 2009


Doctors are only human too. We should never forget that. They make mistakes and forget that sometimes a person just needs to be cared for reguardless as to what the status is. There was a older person who came into a emergency room who had a DNR and was bleeding everywhere. Now the nurse who took care of this person was doing everything she could to get the doctor to help this person. He ordered blood to be typed and crossed instead of Oneg which is universal donor and one unit of FFP (which is a platelets to help stop some of the bleeding). The order was put into as a STAT order. Since the patient was a DNR the doc would not listen to the nurse. The lab was called numerous times for the STAT order and was working on it. The person was sent to ICU, the blood never made it and the person died. Now would it have changed anything if the blood had gotten to this person sooner? No one knows. The nurse went above and beyond and should not have felt that she didn't. We have to remember that everyone has the right to die with dignity and with everything done that the person wants done. A DNR doesn't give the right for anyone to disreguard their life as unimportant. To my friend who take care of this did everything took care of this person and gave him respect and are a good nurse.

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  1. It if for that reason that I fought with Billy when he told me had a DNR. It isn't fair to his kids if he can be saved he should be. But that as his wife. I know his wishes and wouldn't let him live years in a coma.