Friday, September 18, 2009


There is nothing like having a first child and seeing that child have their own first born. That is what happened on September 17, 2009. My daughter had her first born. No she didn't give birth but that doesn't matter. When I saw them hand that precious little boy in her arms she had the same look on her face that any first time mommies has. She cried with joy, looked him all over, touched him and just stared at this little bundle. Then I watched my son in law hold him and look at him. The feelings that I had were the same feelings that would be there if she had given birth to him. Brandon was holding little Matthew and she was leaning over touching his hand and just staring at him. She made a comment that now she knows why parents stare at their new baby. There was an instant bond between them and Matthew was so content in Brandi's arms. I felt the joy of holding my first born grandson also. It was the most awesome experience that I have ever felt.

Now I have two grandsons that are from a son that was adopted, and I love them as they were my own. But having your first born child especially a daughter have theirs is something that cannot be described. I know that God placed this child with Brandi and Brandon and that we will all be very blessed. I look forward to seeing all the first that Brandi and Brandon will experience as first time parents.

Joshua Matthew Lee Fought could not have gotten better parents then Brandi and Brandon. He will be loved, cherished and of course spoiled by his Nana and NanaNana as if she gave birth. There is no difference. One child is chosen for you and the other you choose in a way. God is still in control over both. God is good, great and awesome.

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  1. Amen!!! God chose the right family for little Matthew! Didn't know if you knew this but Joshua means "God Rescues" and Matthew means "Gift of God."