Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Elderly

When is it that we become to old to be treated with dignity and respect? I work in a trauma center and day after day I see people from nursing homes coming in, in the most horrible conditions. People who work in nursing homes understands what kind of people are there and the job they are to do. So why is it that they are left and not giving anything to drink or turned or even simply giving a bath after they become incontient? I am amazed that the ones caring for these little people still have jobs. Have they forgotten that they themselves are nurses and the people they care for are someones, mom,dad,sister, brother, grandmother, and grandfather. We should all stop and think how we would want someone treating someone we care about. Just because a person gets older and unable to do some or all of things they used to doesn't give anyone the right to throw them away. We are all people and deserve respect at any age.

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