Saturday, September 12, 2009

Football, Kids, and Rain

Friday night is in the air. Football, band, crowds, cheerleaders. I took my three grandsons to the homecoming game last week. It was raining off and on and the two year old did not like the rain. He was also not so sure of the crowds and noise. He had a panicked look on his face and was hanging on to me for dear life. Was not expecting that reaction from the little boy who loves to play with the football. Finally the face softened and he became more relaxed and was okay with me putting him down. He began to cheer and dance when the band played. He was soooo cute doing this. But just when I thought he was finally enjoying himself where comes Majic the mascot. Majic went one way and little Mr. J took off the other way. I didn't know a two year old could move so fast. Got him over that one and here comes Majic again and there goes Mr. J. Then he began to enjoy the game and dance and yell Go Red. All was well....until it started raining. Mr. J. does not like the rain falling on him. He grabbed hold of me the great protector and hung on. We left before the game was over but not by much. All in all was a great night.


  1. Glad you had so much fun!! He loved spending time with his Nana!!!

  2. lOL...should have gotta a video of that..Give him time and he will be beating the mascot up!!