Monday, August 10, 2009


How can people treat others especially kids horribly. I was thinking about the kids that I have heard about being removed for abusive situations and drug situations, and then they are placed back in the same situation because someone higher believes that is in their best interest. How can that be in their best interest to go back to a home that is infested with drugs and abuse? No wonder some of these kids never have a chance. When I think about these issues I am very thankful that my kids did not grow up in that kind of enviorment. They may not have had the Cleaver household to grow up in but they were cared for and loved and most of the time they had everything they wanted. I can't always say that about my grandkids. I know that their are issues that worries me about how they are being brought up. They are not abused in the physical way but none the less there are issues. I pray that God watches over them and guides them through their childhood and protects them. The little ones that I talked about in the previous blog was in an abusive household and the effects even as young as they are is heartbreaking. Makes you wonder how people have children if they are going to mistreat them. When children come into our lives they are a gift and should be treated as such. They are to be loved not abused. I will never understand how people could harm there child. Thankful that my daughter is fostering children to give them the love and security that they may not have had. Brandi you are someone to look up too. You are a very special young woman who has a heart has bigger than anyone I know. You love so many children who have come in and out of your home and now have two for a unknown amount of time. You are a great mom and deserve to be one more than I can say. Always keep your eyes on God and you will make through even through the tough times.

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