Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Relationships

What makes a family? Is it blood or is it a deeper connection? We had court today reguarding the little ones my daughter has. They will be staying with us for awhile longer. The parents didn't even show up. These little ones have become a part of our family even though there is no blood ties there. They don't look like us but none the less they are part of our family and it does not matter how they became apart. A family is just a group of people who love, care and respect each other. God chooses the people who are in a family and He choose us to be apart of these preciouse little ones lives and they have brought a countless amount of blessing to all of us. There has been ups and downs trials and triumphs but that is the it goes with any family. We don't know how long they will be with us but we will cherish every moment we have. God knows where they will end up and what kind of life they will have. We can only pray that we are part of that plan.


  1. I really love your outlook today!! Thanks for being so supportive!! We love you! :)

  2. Hope your glass is always half full!